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Reverend Michelle

Rev. Michelle felt God was watching and protecting her from a very young age. She sought out the Lord on many occasions. She was blessed to give her life over to serve the Lord at the age of 23 never to turned back.


Her determination and desire to understand the Lord's will for her life, led her through many wonderful adventures in service. Rev. Michelle spent nearly 30 years creating special programs, planting churches, growing ministries and special ceremonies, which have led others to seek her out to create their perfect ceremony.


Her Gifts: Leadership, Teaching, and Exhortation.

Her Life's Mission: Move consistently with purpose by serving God, being her best self, and helping others.

Her Mission Field: Wherever the Lord sets her feet. Her hope is that others not see her but see Christ through the expressions of love she shares.

Her Experience: Rev. Michelle has spent more than 30 years working to establish and/or lead Children's Ministries, Tween & Teen Ministries, Young Adult Ministries, and Women's Ministries, to name a few. Her passion is to help others grow their faith by seeing the love of Christ through the happiest and the most difficult of times. 


Rev. Michelle became an ordained independent clergy on February 10, 2008. 

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